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About the Conference

Getting America open again begins with creating confidence and enabling citizens to go back to work and school without fear of contracting COVID. The Back to School Conference: Safely Opening Classrooms in 2021 will be a hybrid, in-person and virtual conference to demonstrate how this is now possible.

On April 13th and 14th thought leaders will assemble in Las Vegas Nevada to build strategies to keep schools open. We will profile successful approaches and showcase advanced technologies and solutions to make schools safe.

Schools are Essential
The purpose of the event is to assemble best ideas and to construct strategies to get kids back in schools and to put in place strategies such that schools never need to close.

Paradigm Shift
Advances in technology developed since the pandemic arrived make lockdowns unnecessary for those that implement these innovative approaches. We can now move from defensive strategies to offensive strategies. To find and terminate the virus before it can infect.

Sessions will offer the experience of educators and scientists of what has worked and will showcase how technologies (testing, containment) can ensure safety. The first day and a half will focus on the sharing insight and experiences. The final half day will be workshops to create implementable strategies.

The conference is organized into 4 sections of session topics:


Content Curation
These sessions have been curated by highly accomplished individuals who have been deeply involved at the highest levels to finding solutions.

The invitation only event is for educators, policy makers, scientists and business leaders immersed in this challenge and committed to collaborating to create safe learning environments and get kids back in school.

Team Building
A primary objective is to bring together a growing coalition of those committed to reopening schools. Receptions, social events and workshops are designed to foster relationships and coordinated efforts.

COVID Safety
The event’s “bubble” approach will offer the highest level of germ security in the world, including daily testing for all delegates and pure air to provide a COVID-free environment and prove that in-person meetings and conferences can be safe from infectious diseases.

Hybrid Conference
The event will usher in a new era in conferences combining in-person with live webcasting and global reach.  This event can provide leadership on how we can use technology to open schools, open businesses and put in place strategies such that they never close them again due to a pandemic.



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